Property rental

We will find a reliable lessee and take care of the entire rental process.

Property rental

Our real estate agency specializes in the rental of apartments, houses and offices. Our experts will quickly and safely guide you through the entire property rental process. We provide effective promotion and presentations of real estate as well as find reliable lessees. We will take care of the security of your property and the entire transaction.


  • We will professionally prepare your property for rent
  • We cooperate with corporations which rent up to 100 apartments a month for their employees


  • We will prepare a contract that will fully guarantee the safety of the rental
  • We will carefully verify the potential lessee – we will check his reliability and solvency

Quality of service

  • We will take care of all formalities, including handover protocols
  • As part of the rental management, we will take care of the current settlements and communication with the lessee


  • We can conduct the entire property rental process for you
  • We will create a professional real estate offer in two languages ​​(photos, video, plan, description)

On average, this is the number of days we need to rent your apartment

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    Property rental - step by step

    Step 1

    Meeting with the agent

    The first meeting with the agent always takes place at the property you want to rent. We only look after real estate that we know. During the meeting, the agent will get to know your expectations and prepare the material for the offer. We will achieve the best results of the agent's work if we have a set of keys to the property - the agent will collect them from you under a written confirmation of receipt.
    Step 2

    Preparation and publication of the offer

    On the same day, the agent creates a complete offer of your property in a special program, processing photo and video material and adding a description in two languages. The complete offer will be published on over 80 internet websites, in 75 countries around the world and translated into 20 languages.
    Step 3

    Marketing activities

    The publication of an advertisement does not constitute the entire real estate marketing. As specialists, we use various methods of promotion, which we choose in accordance with an individual marketing strategy established for your property.
    Step 4

    Real estate presentation

    The agent arranges appointments with clients at various times of the day, from early morning to late evening. You don not have to participate in the presentations. Save your time and let the agent take care of presenting your property, providing detailed information and describing the rental terms.
    Step 5

    Negotiations and preparation of the transaction

    Negotiations are an indispensable element of the rental process. Our negotiate on your behalf, keeping you updated on the progress. The final decision to accept or reject a lessee is always yours. Once you accept the price and other rental conditions, the agent will prepare a draft rental agreement and send it to you and the lessee for approval and arrange a meeting to sign the contract.
    Step 6

    Transaction and property handover

    The entire rental process is carried out under the supervision of an agent and with the use of proven contract templates to ensure security and compliance with the law. After completing the formalities and paying the security deposit, the only thing left to do is to draw up a handover protocol and transfer the property to the lessee. Do you want to save even more time and money? Get to know our real estate rental management services.