Property Sales

Every day we sell flats, houses, office premises and land. Our experts will take care of the sale of your property

Sale of real estate

We sell apartments, houses or offices every day. We have the right tools and many years of experience that will allow us to quickly and efficiently conduct the entire sales process, from the creation of a professional real estate listing, through negotiations, to the transfer of the property to the new owner.


  • The average time needed to sell a real estate is about 3 months
  • We often sell properties even in a few days!
  • Publishing your listing usually takes less than 24 hours from your meeting with our agent

Time saving

  • Our agent will take care of all aspects of promotion and the transaction
  • From now on, our agent takes over showing the property to clients and agents
  • You don’t have to collect and present documents and certificates to clients, the agent will do it for you


  • Agents are available throughout the week, also outside of business hours and on weekends
  • A wide range of additional services satisfies most of your needs related to the sale, purchase, financing, designing, insurance or real estate management
  • If you live away from the property intended for sale, most of the formalities can be arranged by mail
  • You can find our branches in convenient locations

Service quality

  • A motivated and energetic team of real estate professionals in the biggest cities in Poland
  • We use professional equipment, including wide-angle lens cameras, tablets, laser rangefinders and others
  • Our extensive marketing team takes care of the aesthetics of your listing and effectiveness of the promotion
  • We speak many foreign languages and all our agents speak English

Maximum price of the property

  • We will not tell you how to double the price for your property, but we will tell you how much really you can get for it and make the selling price as high as possible
  • When determining the appropriate listing price, we rely on the price report, based on our experience and independent estimations
  • We have gained extensive experience by performing over 10,000 letting and sales transactions since 2011
  • We regularly train and evaluate our agents and support staff


  • We operate on the basis of a professional license of a real estate agent No. 19641, issued by the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy
  • We are a member of Polish and international industry associations, such as the Polish Real Estate Federation or the European Council of Real Estate Professions
  • Our day to day work is supported by renowned law firms, notarial and accounting offices
  • We are fully covered by the liability insurance policy

The number of property development companies we collaborate with

billion PLN (1,630,000,000 EUR) - the value of real estate sold by us in 2012-2021

On average, it takes us 3 months to sell a real estate on the secondary market

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    Selling your real estate step by step

    Step 1

    Meeting with our agent

    The first meeting with the agent always takes place at the property you want to rent. We only look after real estate that we know. During the meeting, the agent will get to know your expectations and prepare the material for the offer. We will achieve the best results of the agent's work if we have a set of keys to the property - the agent will collect them from you under a written confirmation of receipt.
    Step 2

    Preparation and publication of the property listing

    On the same day, the agent creates a detailed listing of your property in our online system, preparing photos, video material and adding a description in two languages. The finished property listing will be published in over 80 websites in 75 countries around the world.
    Step 3

    Marketing activities

    Marketing of the listing doesn't end on it's publication. As real estate specialists, we use many promotion methods that we choose according to the type of property and the set a dedicated marketing plan. From changes in real estate within Home Staging or creating photorealistic interior visualisations, through highlighting and bump ups on real estate websites, to printed banners, window adverts and a whole host of other methods of attracting the attention of potential buyers.
    Step 4

    Property viewing

    Our agent arranges meetings with potential buyers at various times of the day, from early morning to late evening. You do not have to participate in them. Save your time, and the agent will take care of the property, providing information and accepting the purchase offer from the client on your behalf.
    Step 5

    Negotiations and preparation of transaction

    Negotiations are an indispensable element of sales process. Our trained agents will take care of them on your behalf, keeping you updated on the progress. The final decision to accept or reject a purchase offer is always yours. Once you accept the price and other terms of sale, the agent will prepare the necessary documents and will instruct you what will be needed from your side.
    Step 6

    Transaction and transfer of real estate

    The entire transaction process runs under the supervision of our agent and in cooperation with lawyer offices to ensure the security and smoothness of the sales process. After completing the formalities and settling the payment of the agreed price, we will only have to write down the delivery and acceptance protocol and transfer the keys to the new owner.